E. Gutzwiller & Cie Banquiers
E. Gutzwiller & Cie Banquiers
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Private Bankers since 1886

E. Gutzwiller & Cie, Banquiers was founded in 1886 by Carl Gutzwiller and is still owned and managed by the Gutzwiller family. The bank is a founding member of the exclusive Swiss Private Bankers Association (SPBA).

E. Gutzwiller & Cie, Banquiers offers its clientele distinct advantages by combining the financial strength and reputation of long-established private bankers with the expertise and flexibility of a dedicated team of asset managers. 
The bank is located in Basel, Geneva and Zurich.

General Partners with unlimited liability:

- François Gutzwiller
- Stéphane Gutzwiller
- Archduke Lorenz von Habsburg Lothringen
- Peter Handschin

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Economic Outlook

Switzerland:   Despite challenges confronted by the Swiss economy, growth is resilient and the outlook reasonably positive, with projected increase of 2%. The strength of the Swiss franc remains a concern, although recent weakness should bring some  relief to the  corporate  sector. Companies are  also supported by lower costs related to oil and other commodities. Domestic consumption should be fairly stable, with unemployment low. (...)

USA:‎ The  US  economy  will  continue  to  expand  in  the  first  quarter  2018  in  spite  of  a  lower  bank  lending  and  a slowdown  of  money  supply  growth.  Consumption  remains  positive,  job  numbers  continue  to  increase,  and the  savings  rate  is  rising.  House  prices  are  improving,  and  residential investment  should  remain  buoyant. Short rates will rise again in 2018, with the Fed under pressure from financial markets to continue to tighten monetary policy and control public deficits. (...)

Europe:  Industrial  production  is  picking  up  on  the  Continent.  GDP  growth  rates  are  improving,  even  though  some countries are still challenged by public debt financing. The ECB has announced a huge package of measures to stimulate the economy but will probably start to reduce quantitative easing. Stronger economic growth on the  Continent  will  oblige  central  banks  to  raise  interest  rates - markets  will  take  this  more  seriously in  the next  few  months.  Manufacturing  is  growing  and  inflation  remains  low.  (...)

Asia:     The  government  in  Japan  is  pushing  for  more  growth,  and  the  central  bank,  with  its  negative  interest  rate policy, has pledged to expand asset purchases, buying bonds and treasury bills. The public debt has already soared. The economy is expected to continue to recover, private consumption and public investment fuelling growth. (...)


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