Joined-up solutions, not a random collection of products

Investment Solutions

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Portfolio constructed to meet your objectives and risk profile.
Full range of asset classes, and leading investment talent across the market.
You choose from three service levels:

    1. Managed Account - decision-making delegated to the Bank, which takes responsibility for investments.
      Two proven investment benchmarks help in defining goals, with actual portfolios tailored to meet the needs and specific preferences of clients:
      - Balanced - seeking capital preservation.
      - Growth - seeking capital appreciation.
      More information on these benchmarks by currency can be found here:
      CHF - EUR - USD - JPY
    2. Advisory - Bank advises, but you take the decisions.
    3. Execution only - you take the decisions, the bank executes your trades.


Gutzwiller Funds

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Gutzwiller Fonds Management AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank.
Offers a limited number of funds.
For more information, see

Custody & Trading

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Full custodial services.
Securities deposits, transactions settlement, collection of income etc.
Global trading (securities, funds, currencies).

Banking & Credit

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Deposits/cash management.
Money transfers.
Lombard credits.
Note: Gutzwiller does not provide property or commercial loans. It undertakes no proprietary trading or securities lending.


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Periodic performance reporting.
Daily access to portfolio statement online.
Tax statements.

Private Office Services

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For clients who need it, services that combine Gutzwiller with external providers.
Consolidated information.
Deep performance analysis.

Independent Asset Managers

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Dedicated relationship manager.
Partnership ethos.
Integrated banking and investment services.
Full range of administrative and custodial ‎capabilities.
Service focus and personal touch.